About Tantillo Book Design

Tantillo Book Designoe Tantillo always knew he was an artist from the time he was five years old. He knew how to draw in perspective in first grade and was always the kid in class who did the artwork for the bulletin board display (didn't hurt to make a few brownie points with the nuns!). So it's no surprise that he's become an award winning artist and graphic designer.Book Cover Designer Joe Tantillo

"My mom and dad didn't want me to starve, so I went to art school at Syracuse University and found out about graphic design when it was first happening."He lived in New Haven for many years and did a lot of corporate and industrial marketing design work for both large and small businesses, and then went out on his own. He had his own corporate graphic design studio for the next twenty years and was creatively happy, even though it wasn't work you'd see in the Louvre. He also designed BOOKS! He loved to design books and book covers, and in 1992, his editor wife, Maura D. Shaw and he started Shawangunk Press, a small regional publishing venture. Joe ran both the design group and the art end of the publishing house.

"When I needed extra money to put my son through college, I worked for a great software company doing graphics and then bopped on up to Vermont after my son had graduated, to hide from the corporate world and reposition myself."

After awhile, the Hudson Valley in New York beckoned Joe back, so he came home, and for the last five years he's been freelancing and designing books. In 2010 he worked as the Design Director for a publishing company dedicated to self-published authors. "Now I'm back on my own, as Tantillo Book Design—doing covers, and designing books, supplying my clients with award winning design at affordable prices."

Joe Tantillo's years of experience in the field and his personal service and marketing knowledge will give you what you are looking for in the new world of publishing. He works with his clients by listening and solving their design concept needs, then helping them find their way through their eBooks, videos, networking and distribution needs.

“Joe Tantillo worked as designer for both text and art for my first self-illustrated novel, The Emancipation of Giles Corey. He skillfully placed the art and maps, made the text flow seamlessly and converted my 3 X 4" painting into a beautiful cover. All stellar work was accomplished in record time, while treating me with respect and professional attention throughout the entire process. It is clear to me that Joe's work helped to garner admiration for my title and was an element in winning the Indie Excellence Award for Best Historical Fiction of 2011.”
~Michael Sortomme
Writer and Artist, Founder of Singing Lake Press